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January 4, 2023

Are You Ready for GFG 2023?

By this point, you are able to see your Gateway for Growth (GFG) matches, and it’s time to reach out to your Member or Supplier to start creating a GFG plan for the year.

Be sure to use the GFG template that the Women’s Executive Group (WEG) help created to build out your roadmap for a successful GFG year.  Here’s the link to it: GFG template

The one thing to keep top of mind when doing GFG is – This is a Sphere 1 tool to strengthen your partnership, not for instant growth. The first year is to get your feet wet; then next year will show progress; and the following year will exceed expectations.

Now that you have tips and tools in place for GFG, it’s your turn to put in the extra effort for those few Members and Suppliers you’ve matched with.  Gateway for Growth is a great way to increase your organic growth by increasing your value.  And it pays off in the long run! – Not only in dollars, but ultimately in your partnership.

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