Gateway for Growth

Gateway for Growth (GFG) is Sphere 1’s online goal setting platform. It matches Members and Suppliers who picked each other to form quality and meaningful plans that help organic growth.

The new GFG season opens on December 1st!

In anticipation of the upcoming selections process, Rob and Mike introduced GFG’s new focus on conversion and new products today in a new webinar.

If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, please click on the recording below to view.  It’s full of valuable information for both Members and Suppliers.

Watch Recording – Sphere 1’s New Focus for 2022: Conversions & New Products


December 1, 2021 
GFG selection process opens.

January 7, 2022
GFG selection process closes.

January 10, 2022
GFG matches are available; the planning begins.

January 10, 2022 – December 31, 2022
Start monitoring your plans and tracking your benchmarks.

Don’t forget – GFG plans can be created all year long!

Access is only given to Sphere 1 Members and Preferred Suppliers, with an authorization from the primary contact. Please email your request to

  • Select a minimum of 1 GFG partner.
  • The average number of successful plans for Members is 5-9 plans.
  • The average number of successful plans for Suppliers is 18-22 plans.

2022 Sphere 1’s New Focus for Gateway for Growth: Conversions & New Products

Watch Webinar Recording

With Sphere 1’s Gateway for Growth (GFG) success over the years, we found that items can be re-defined to help our Members and Suppliers make the most of what this platform has always represented.  In an effort to refresh Gateway for Growth and make it more effective, we are rolling out a strategic focus for our GFG platform in 2022: conversions and new products.

GFG Video Series – 2021


These series of short videos features Sean Ackerman, COO of The Tool Nut and Sphere 1 Board Member, diving deep into Gateway for Growth (GFG) topics with Sphere 1 CEO, Members and Preferred Suppliers.


Video #6: Scott Gersten from On Time Supply (Member)

Scott discusses how he partners with Suppliers when it comes to developing a Gateway for Growth Plan. He lays out his strategies that engage his team with suppliers to drive success and growth.


Video #5: Aaron Berger with Connective Systems (Member)

Aaron Berger, Owner of Connective Systems, talks about how Sphere 1 Members can approach Suppliers to get engaged and enthusiastic to create programs that enhances collaboration and partnerships.


Video #4: Tim McDonnell of Vega Industries (Supplier)

Tim McDonnell, President at of Vega Industries, discusses their success with Sphere 1 and how they find the GFG platform as a big opportunity to get engaged one-on-one with a distributor.


Video #3: Chadd Lafond with Norton (Supplier)

Chadd Lafond, Channel Manager for the Construction Distribution of Norton, discusses how GFG becomes a mutual commitment, a “buy-in” that allows Suppliers to be more intentional with their efforts.


Video #2: Dan Fox with Rolair (Supplier)

Dan Fox, National Sales Manager of Rolair, talks about how they did a complete 180 to make GFG more product-focused programs.


Video #1: Rob Moe, Sphere 1 CEO 

In this video message, Rob Moe shares insights, perspectives and best practices to help you make the most out of GFG in 2021.