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October 25, 2022

Tip #1 – Gateway for Growth

Sphere 1 now has 130 Preferred Suppliers and almost 170 Members. So, who do you choose for Gateway for Growth (GFG)? The Women’s Executive Group is going to share with you some of their best pick strategies for Members and Suppliers.

* The key is to make it intentional when picking – know what you want to do and with whom.

Tips for Members

  • The recommended minimum number of GFG picks for Members is 5-10.

New Suppliers

  • The goal is to bring spend inside your Sphere 1 Preferred Supplier network, as you’ll likely get a better deal through Sphere 1.
  • You don’t want to change dollar for dollar, or switch from one Sphere 1 Supplier to another Sphere 1 Supplier, as this will only muddies the waters.
  • Reach out to Sharon from Sphere 1 for a report of Suppliers that you are NOT doing business with, and she can provide you with their core categories.

Existing Sphere 1 Relationships

  • Find one of your current Sphere 1 Suppliers to see the entire offering.
  • What categories can I grow in, and which Suppliers can help me do that?
  • Which supplier can provide me with additional training or field support?
  • Conversions with an existing Supplier is sometimes easier than a new relationship all together, they know you and your business already.

Tips for Suppliers

  • The recommended minimum number of GFG picks for Suppliers is 15-25.

New Members

  • If you have had your eye on a Member, but couldn’t get in the door, this is a great opportunity to create a unique plan to convert them to your product.
  • Always consider the smaller members as they can help steadily grow your product.
  • The Sphere 1 website can help filter Members by location and by industry!

Existing Sphere 1 Relationships

  • Help your current Members expand their product line and their end users.
  • What products are they not selling that fit their business?
  • Pick Members that you can trust and depend on that will help drive your internal strategies to win in their specific markets.

Once the GFG Selection window closes in December, your matches will become available. If you forgot to pick a Member or Supplier, that’s ok! You can add new picks and plans anytime throughout the year!

How do I access GFG?

Located on the homepage of Sphere 1 website, scroll down until you see the Gateway for Growth picture, hover your mouse over it, and click the login button. Only specific Members and Suppliers have access to use the platform, so please connect with your company’s Sphere 1 Primary Contact to get involved.

Happy Picking!!