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August 4, 2021

Triangle Fastener Corporation Announces the Acquisition of GLR Fasteners Inc

August 3, 2021


TFC® announces the acquisition of GLR Fasteners Inc., located in San Jose, California.

Triangle Fastener Corporation acquires GLR Fasteners Inc., a distributor of fasteners used in roofing and glazing applications. GLR has serviced the San Francisco Bay area since 1977 and was owned and operated by Gloria Rubalcava since 1989.
With the acquisition of the company on August 1st, 2021, TFC® expands their coverage in the Bay Area by providing customers local access to the complete line of Triangle Fastener products and services.

GLR will immediately transition to become a TFC® branch. To ensure continuity, the entire GLR team will continue to run the daily operations located at 1425 Koll Circle #104, San Jose, CA 95122

Triangle Fastener Corporation, a member of SFS, has 24 locations servicing the commercial construction markets since 1977.

They provide a full line of high-performance fasteners, sealants, flashings, and tools used to construct the building envelope, along with interior applications like steel framing and sheet metal.

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