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July 9, 2021

The Tool Nut – A Top Sphere 1 University Performer

The Tool Nut had another successful month on Sphere 1 University


John Demczuk, a Customer Service Associate for 10 months at The Tool Nut, shares some of his insight into how The Tool Nut has been able to become a repeated top performer in Sphere 1 University:

At The Tool Nut, we are very lucky to have a self-motivated team that is always looking for opportunities to better themselves and their product knowledge.

While the $BlueBucks incentive program definitely helps to sweeten the deal for our team members, just as important is the increased confidence our team exhibits and feels the more they learn.

This is especially true in our Customer Service/Sales Department, where our team members get to use the knowledge they have acquired through S1U every single day.

This manifests itself in stronger conversations with customers, through which our client base can themselves gain more confidence in our team members and company, building strong customer relationships.

Our team members are encouraged to take courses on their downtime and they take full advantage of their ability to access S1U from any workstation, especially at their own desks.

After winning the “Top Performing Member” in S1U Award in 2018, we have been chasing that prize and feel we have an especially strong chance this year. S1U has been and continues to be an integral part of our daily lives here at The Tool Nut and has strongly contributed to the strength and continued success of our team.

Top Performer John Demczuk