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May 20, 2022

Sean Ackerman’s Secret Sauce

Our series of “Get to know your Board of Directors” continues…


In the words of own.. Sean Ackerman..

What is the one thing that has provided the most value from Sphere 1?

Sphere 1 and it’s value….  I think most of us, unequivocally, and if we’re honest, will say we’re here for the rebates.  It’s why we showed up in the first place, right?  The buck always stops with, well, the buck.  Rebates are the big difference maker here.  I won’t pretend, and let’s be honest with each other.

But there’s something more.  There’s a special sauce.  It took me some time to find it.  To really engage and recognize there’s a heck of a lot more value to this organization, rather than some pesos at the end of the year.

Y’know how they (Mick Jagger) say “you only get what you give?”  Well simply put, when I started giving to Sphere 1, through the Young Executive Group, what I got back, was priceless.  I wanted to take a few moments here to express the value I found when I began to engage with the organization and the membership.  Whether it be Suppliers or Distributors, the value was in you guys.  Yourselves.  You’re the secret sauce.

My message is simple. Engage with each other.  Make friends.  Make allies.  Make confidants.  Make brothers and sisters.  Find someone to argue with, debate with, disagree with, share a drink with.  Find someone to laugh with, golf with, share dinner with, talk business with.

The value of the friends and the network I’ve created is the secret sauce.  Again, it’s all of you.  I used to be a man on an island at the Member Meeting at the Annual Conference.  Here for the check, some booze and a steak.  Now I’m a man with a thousand “hello’s” and smiles to flash to friends and colleagues.  Friends and colleagues who provide me with countless and priceless business perspectives, problem solving, collaboration, vision engineering, and so much more.