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July 9, 2021

Denali Industrial Supply Inc Celebrates 35 Years

Gary Swoffer, President of Denali Industrial Supply shares highlights from the company’s 35th anniversary party:

Denali Industrial Supply celebrated our 35th anniversary!  There were 35 vendors that helped support this event, of which 22 were Sphere1 members! There were 19 vendors in person representing their companies. The most we’ve ever had.

We hit our sales goal number for the 2 day event. It helped having wonderful weather each day. We had between 800-900 people come through the store for lunch and product demonstrations the 2 days combined. Our “invite only” evening event was attended by construction company owners and top management. We had between 100-125 people attend this event.

Our whole team did a fabulous job getting the store ready and never stopped working until the last customer went home. I had several vendors come up to me and tell me what a joy it was to work with a team that wanted to help the vendor and any customers needing assistance. And with a smile on their face.