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April 16, 2021

Superior Products Use Training Tracks for a Successful Training Program!

Superior Products Distributors in Southington, Connecticut

It’s no surprise that Superior Products had an exceptional month of March!  They have been consistently at the top of the list when it comes to training performance by using the Sphere 1 University platform, and it’s paid off in big ways.

Superior Products has steered their learners towards the courses that can help sell products with more confidence by using “Training Tracks” each month.  This has translated to a more skilled workforce inside the company – and for this they can be immensely proud!


Some insight into Superior Products’ successes in their own words:

What was your intention when you decided to offer training tracks to your employees? 

To further their knowledge on the array of products our vendors offer.  We also wanted to give our employees the ability to explore products and vendors outside our typical product mix. The employee would let the buyer know that this is a product or line we should research further and bring in to accommodate our customers. We are always trying to further educate ourselves and be at the forefront in product knowledge in the industry.

What were you hoping to accomplish by steering them toward particular courses each month?

To learn about the products thoroughly so that they can educate our customers more in depth. We would pick a few vendors that we currently have a relationship with to learn about the products so they can educate our customers more in depth. Then we would pick 1-2 modules that we were not so familiar with to see if there was any additional interest in the product or vendor.

As the person who monitors training on S1U, what do you say or do to motivate your employees to train online? 

We require that all sales personnel keep up with the training tracks that are assigned.  We do send out individual progress reports to remind as well.

Have you seen employees’ confidence in selling product increase when they consistently train on S1U?

I think we do see that and it gives our sales people more direct time with the customers and they now have more of the answers readily available and not having to search for answers in the middle of a presentation.

Is there something specific that you believe led to your learners completing so many courses in March over, say, the last two months prior?

Honestly, we had a more traditional snowy winter in the Northeast so the activity was lighter and the downtime was used toward training.

Do you have measurable sales results from your employees since they’ve been participating in S1U?

Yes, we find our employees more comfortable talking about products with confidence.

Is there a specific group of employees that stand out over others in terms of training?

Our inside salesmen certainly take the training more seriously.

Which Suppliers has provided the best courses for learners in your opinion, and why?

DeWALT has the best interactive courses and is easy to navigate.

Is there an employee you’d like to highlight for their excellent participation record? 

Brian Violette has the most completed tracks and never has to be reminded to complete them before the next month.

Stellar Performer Brian Violette