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March 16, 2021

Sphere 1 University February Spotlight – Chris Piper

Chris Piper of Carroll Construction was in the top 5 for all Member-Distributor learners in  the month of February 2021!

Carroll Construction Supply – Company’s Participation Success:

Sarah Becker, Operations Administrator at CCS, reports the following –

Our managers use Sphere 1 U to help develop our employees.  Both new salespeople and seasoned salespeople alike want to sell more, so they know that using S1U [Sphere 1 University] will help them sell more product.  S1U has been a great tool to get them up to speed, and they love the $BlueBucks incentives!

The purchasing department also does some of the training online because being educated on the products helps the entire team to make the right decision about how to best inform our customers of what they need to know about the products we sell.

Top Completions by Learner for February 2021: (Listed alphabetically)

  • Christopher Piper, Carroll Construction Supply
  • Danilo Castillo, ASI-Auxiliary Service Inc
  • Hugo Salguero, ASI-Auxiliary Service Inc
  • Janet Hanes, Fisher’s Tools
  • Jeff Balthrop, M6 Concrete Accessories
  • Jill Hanes, Fisher’s Tools
  • Mike Argue, Fisher’s Tools
  • Neal Dorsey, The Lakewood Supply Co
  • Ryan Lemmer, Carroll Construction Supply
  • Trevor Yahr, Carroll Construction Supply