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March 6, 2023

Sphere 1 Salutes Women in Construction Week

Fearless and determined are words to identify women in construction.

While this is an exciting time for the building and construction industry, it’s obvious and a reality that there’s a small percentage of women in this sector.

This week March 5-11, 2023, Sphere 1 celebrates Women in Construction, as it reminds us of the milestones, accomplishments, and different journeys women have taken toward not only making their mark in this industry, but strengthening, building, and amplifying the success of women in this trade.  As you can imagine, it is not an easy feat.

We, as members of our Sphere 1 community, value fairness, respect, hard work, taking risks, and resilience. Our cooperative helps level the playing field for its members to compete in today’s economy. Leveling up also includes leveling up women in this industry – bringing in the best and brightest regardless of gender.

According to an article by Build Your Future, “Women are often left out of specific industries due to deep–rooted societal structures and miss those same opportunities as men have. The construction industry is one of those professions because the total workforce is only 11% female in the U.S.”

It’s now the year 2023, and letting little girls know that they can have a future and career without boundaries, that they can break molds and preconceived notions, and that they can become CEOs and owners of companies in the construction industry, is not far-fetched.

We encourage you to show your support for women employees and their accomplishments.

Showing up, working hard, and fighting for what you believe in, is not only a Sphere 1 core value, but the American way of life. Just like Sphere 1, we came together as small independent distributors, essentially a small group competing against large establishments. Now, to see our cooperative grow and become successful as a dominant group in the industry is extraordinary and the American dream for everyone. Women are currently that small group, and it is our principle to also help lift others to be just as successful as well.