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November 24, 2022

Sphere 1 – Honoring Board Member Rod Steier

“When it’s all said and done, Rod Steier was a kind and gentle soul that loved his family, his company and this industry. He was a “Genuinely Good Person” that will be deeply missed!” – George Morgan, past Sphere 1 Board Chairman

Sphere 1 would like to take some time this Thanksgiving season to truly honor one of the most amazing, dedicated, and innovative individuals, who from the beginning, shaped the foundations of our co-op and helped build us into the industry leading organization we are today. On Tuesday August 2nd Rod Steier passed away in presence of his family. Rod was a much loved father and grandfather and a respected business man who was always willing to take the time to help.  Rod loved his time on the Board of Directors and enjoyed working with our members to help them be the best they could be.  To tell his story we have some words to share from our CEO Rob Moe, Ron Foltz our Board Chairman, and our Past Board Chairman George Morgan.

What can I possibly say about Rod that hasn’t already been said in the recent months since his passing?

What I can say is that he meant more to those around him than can probably ever be shared.  He was a man who was always there for those that knew him – he was a voice of reason, he was someone that could be counted on to be loyal, honest, transparent, and supportive.  Rod was a man that regardless of the situation stood for what was needed and for what was right or just.

I had the sincere privilege of calling this man a friend and mentor since I was 23 years old.  We connected during my early employment at Duo-Fast, my first job in this industry, and came together over our love for this amazing industry and for our mutual love for sports, most notably basketball.  After I left Duo-Fast and went out into the industry, we stayed in contact over the year’s and during that time he mentored me, providing guidance through many things, that to this day, still help me.  Rod is one of the significant reasons why I am here at Sphere 1 today – he called me to discuss me potentially coming board and said these very simple but intentional words “Rob, we can use someone like you to lead this cooperative”.  I have never looked back…

We all have so much to be thankful for with Rod being a significant leader within Sphere 1.  I think about him a lot, wondering what he would say when seeing some of the many interesting things that are in play today in the industry.  I’m sure whatever he’d say, it would come with sound thought and reasoning.

We are better for Rod being in our lives.  – Rob Moe, President & CEO, Sphere 1

“A Genuinely Good Person”

On August 2nd of this year, I lost a dear friend, Sphere One lost a major influencer, and the industry lost a real champion. On this day Rod Steier lost his long running battle with cancer. He will be deeply missed by his wife Elena, his four children, his brothers and sister and by all those who knew him.

I first came to know Rod while we both served on the Sphere One air fastening committee. You might wonder how a conservative southerner like myself and a liberal New Englander could become close friends. Well, we did and as I got to know Rod better, I came to admire his deep love for his family, especially Elena and the grandchildren. He was always anxious to share the latest pictures of his growing brood or the latest cartoon Elena had drawn. He could not have been prouder of them. Over time I came to be impressed with his vast industry knowledge whether it be the manufacturers or applications. He was a virtual wealth of knowledge which proved to be invaluable on the air fastening committee. It seemed whenever we had a question Rod would have the answer or a suggestion as to where we might find the answer.

After a few years on the air fastening committee, it became obvious to Carol and I that Rod would make an excellent addition to the Sphere One Board of Directors. His positive attitude, his thoughtful listening skills and deep industry knowledge would make a great addition to the board. And we were absolutely right about that! Rod served on the board with dedication and determination to make Sphere One the very best it could be. He served out his first term through some of the best of times and some of the tough times, and after sitting out a couple years, the board invited him back. In fact, he continued to serve on the board right up until his passing. I don’t think it can be overstated what an influence Rod had on the growth and excellence of Sphere One over the years and that we truly owe him a considerable debt of gratitude.

When it’s all said and done, Rod Steier was a kind and gentle soul that loved his family, his company and this industry. He was a “Genuinely Good Person” that will be deeply missed!  – George Morgan, Past Board Chairman Sphere 1

Remembering a Friend and Mentor

As some times in life, there are moments of deep sadness and at the same, warm memories. The passing of Rod is a personal loss of a very special friend and mentor.  Over the years his analytical approach and calm delivery served as a guiding force both to me and the board. He wasn’t hesitant to pull board members aside or steer the discussion back to a positive direction, always in a way (as I discovered one of his phrases to live by) of “Be nice“. Many fond memories of side trips to museums, duck boat rides and as I have mentioned before, riding Segways in downtown Boston at 5:30 in the evening on a Friday! The warm memories I will always have.

Rod in my experience never gave up. He was still working on a project for the board up until his time was running out, something at points along the way amazed me. I think Rod felt the word quit was a four letter word and he refused to acknowledge it.

The industry will miss him, the board will miss him, and like those his life touched, I will miss him.

Ron Foltz, Sphere 1 Board Chair.