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May 20, 2022

Sphere 1 Celebrates 23 Years and Announces 2021 Award Winners

Lake Forest, CA (May 13, 2022) The Sphere 1 Cooperative hosted their 23rd Annual Conference in Aurora, CO at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center. The organization reached an exciting milestone, achieving their biggest year yet. With consistent growth, collaborative partnerships, and a willingness to lean on each other during these unprecedented times, Sphere 1 Members and Suppliers gathered to celebrate their “Mile High Momentum.”

Finally coming together after three years, the Sphere 1 Conference surpassed their average attendance with almost 900 guests. The event kicked off with a Member Meeting filled with memorable presentations, including 2020 Supplier Award Winners, motivating speaker and author Paul Reilly, and impactful technology sessions from Service Providers. The Awards Dinner highlighted Larry Johnson, who served as Founder, Board of Director, and Treasurer for 20 years, and Building Homes for Heroes’ Sergeant Kirstie Ennis, for her heroic spirit and determination. The conference finished with two days’ worth of off-the-charts TableTop meetings.

“Our theme this year in Denver was simple – Mile High Momentum,” remarked President & CEO of Sphere 1, Rob Moe. “With the momentum that was generated at this year’s event in the mile high city, the sky is the limit for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.  At Sphere 1, we win by supporting each other, developing partnerships, and reaching new heights in all we do. Thank you to our Members and Suppliers for your unwavering support. Remember – Iron Sharpens Iron!”

Member and Supplier of the Year Awards

The Member and Supplier of the Year Awards are Sphere 1’s most prestigious awards, based on the overall score on Sphere 1’s annual support card. Out of 116 Preferred Suppliers, 162 Distributors Members with almost 900 locations in 2021, there are six criteria that are critical to the success of the cooperative. The 2021 Member and Supplier of the Year Awards were presented to:

Preferred Supplier of the Year Awards for excellent service and a quality program to the Sphere 1 Membership:

  • ERB Industries – Opal Echelon
  • Mi-T-M Corporation – Ruby Echelon
  • Diamond Products – Sapphire Echelon
  • Simpson Strong-Tie – Emerald Echelon

Member of the Year Awards for demonstrating excellence in collaboration and growth within the cooperative:

  • Shore Fasteners & Supply – Opal Echelon
  • Service Industrial Supply – Ruby Echelon
  • Co-Winners – Denali Industrial Supply & On Time Supply – Sapphire Echelon
  • Nu Way – Emerald Echelon

Additional 2021 Award Winners were presented to the following:

Preferred Brand of the Year for top sales achievement by brand:

  • Metabo HPT

Gateway for Growth Awards for highest performance:


  • Paramore Supply Company – Opal Echelon
  • Heyden Supply – Ruby Echelon
  • S Dale Company – Sapphire Echelon
  • Farrell Equipment & Supply – Emerald Echelon


  • Vega Industries – Opal Echelon
  • Keson LLC – Ruby Echelon
  • ORS Nasco – Sapphire Echelon
  • Milwaukee Tool – Emerald Echelon

Sphere 1 University Awards for outstanding training programs and course completions.

Members (Highest Course Completions by Location Average)

  • Mann Tool and Supply – Opal Echelon
  • Midway Rentals and Sales – Ruby Echelon
  • Fisher’s Tools – Sapphire Echelon
  • Tools Plus – Emerald Echelon


  • Lift-All – Opal Echelon
  • Apex Tool Group – Ruby Echelon
  • ITW CCNA – Sapphire Echelon
  • Makita USA – Emerald Echelon

Overall Volume


  • SouthernCarlson (Overall)
  • Jobsite Supply (by Location Average)


  • Metaltech-Omega – Opal Echelon
  • Greif – Ruby Echelon
  • PIP – Protective Industrial Products – Sapphire Echelon
  • DEWALT – Emerald Echelon

Largest Percentage in Growth


  • Air Fasteners – Opal Echelon
  • Arco Contractors Supply – Ruby Echelon
  • Gatti-Morrison Construction Service – Sapphire Echelon
  • AMW Construction Supply – Emerald Echelon


  • iQ Power Tools – Opal Echelon
  • Kingspan Insulation – Ruby Echelon
  • International Fasteners – Sapphire Echelon
  • Brighton-Best International – Emerald Echelon

Member Supporting the Most Preferred Suppliers

  • Quality Supply & Tool

Moves Management Award

  • Abilene Fastener Supply

“What an exciting time we had in Denver!” exclaimed Sphere 1 Board Chairman, Ron Foltz. “After three years of cancelled and remote meetings, to be together in one place, interacting and learning from each other, was very special. I have often said the interaction among colleagues before and after events can be, and often is, just as important as the scheduled time together. Thank you to all our Members and Vendor Partners for coming together in record numbers, and once again, reinforcing the value of partnership and cooperation. Can’t wait to see all of you again in Indianapolis!”

Sphere 1 will host their 24th Annual Conference on May 2-5, 2023 in Indianapolis, IN.