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October 11, 2023

Selling Utility & Storage Carts? JET’s Got Your Back!

Sphere 1 supplier, JET, from the JPW Industries family, is a manufacturer of a variety of utility and storage security carts. JET warehouse carts add a convenient and reliable way to transport small, but heavy materials. JET warehouse equipment and utility carts are quiet, and provide maneuverability and durability.

The heavy-duty resin construction carts resists dents, chips and rust. These service carts are built for reliability and durability increasing efficiency and production output.


The LOAD-N-LOCK security systems are designed to support the needs of heavy industry service, office building maintenance, home workshops, and municipal service environments – anywhere you need to have robust, secure mobility and easy access to contents. You can now confidently load, latch, lock, transfer, and have the ability to rapidly gain access to the items you placed into the cart. Ideal for environments where inventory control, theft, retention of stacked items, or simply items being “borrowed” from open carts, are an everyday challenge. This product is an easy to use and install mobile worksite utility cart security system, offering superior load retention, protection, and simplified access.

To learn more about JET carts and JPW Industries, contact your local representative or your Sphere 1 Primary Contact found on this page.