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January 23, 2021


Pump Stick® Reed Cordless Water Transfer Pump

Rugged construction of REED Pump Stick® along with screen/filter system and battery adapter plates set this pump apart from any competitive methods.

Versatile, durable REED Pump Stick® a cordless, jobsite friendly way to remove water. Applications including construction site work are numerous. Use with operator’s own 18V-20V battery by replacing the Battery Adapter Plate. Hard shell, aluminum main body shaft outlasts the competition. For safety, the on/off switch is sealed. To protect the impeller, choose from multiple screens, strainers and filters to suit the application. REED Pump Stick ships with a 2 foot hose, but add extra length with 4 foot and 7 foot hose extensions. Long, slim design allows operator to place the pump deep into small cavities. Pump lifts water up to 12 feet. Universally useful, the Pump Stick is a must-have for contractors and maintenance departments.

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