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December 19, 2022

Prokeep Inflation Whitepaper

Check out this informative white paper from our friends at Prokeep about the causes of our current economy and how inflation is shaping the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

2020 marked the beginning of an unprecedented era that shook Americans to their core. A global pandemic, a war, and all of the following aftermath has painted a picture of a turbulent country with only looming uncertainty to look forward to. The world today is drastically different from the world we once recognized; it is rich with aberrant hardships
that touch the lives of nearly every American. But along with a sea of disruptions in our modern world came one of the most pressing economic challenges across the board: the unparalleled inflation.

Business owners everywhere are feeling inflation’s relentless grip when making decisions. Drastic inflation, without proactivity, can be devastating to an economy and to the lives of many Americans. And construction,
the very industry that builds America, is particularly vulnerable to severe inflation and bottlenecked supply chains. Navigating this rough terrain
can be taxing on any organization, but with proper understanding and effective planning there are tools individuals can utilize to navigate these challenges and ensure their organization’s longevity.