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August 4, 2023

Packer Fastener Expands

This week, Packer Fastener announces a new Wisconsin branch set to serve western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota.

“At Packer Fastener, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service to our customers through speed, accuracy and the availability of inventory,” said CEO Terry Albrecht.

Products range from threaded fasteners, struts and abrasives to industrial safety materials, personal protective equipment, and welding supplies. In addition to threaded fasteners and industrial supplies, Packer Fastener offers vendor managed inventory, vending and kitting services.

“We offer the gamut of products and services,” said Albrect, “but what really sets us apart is our people.”

This newest location opened on August 1st in La Crosse, WI, on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Albrecht attributed the growth into La Crosse to the people-centric, people-focused company culture designed around recruiting, training and empowering good team members to provide exceptional customer experiences.

“We’re only able to grow as fast as our ability to recruit good people, and luckily, we’ve been very successful in both recruiting and growth,” Albrecht said. “Our new location will allow us to overserve customers throughout the Coulee region, every single day.”

The new location is open to all customers with Packer Fastener sales staff proactively serving original equipment manufacturers, commercial construction, fabricators, machine shops, and maintenance/repair operations.