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February 21, 2022

Our First Stop: Sphere 1

Our series of “Get to know your Board of Directors” continues…


In the words of own.. Joe Wibbenmeyer..

What is the one thing that has provided the most value from Sphere 1?

I keep thinking about what Sphere 1 has done for me, my department and Nu Way is that Sphere 1 is a giant sourcebook, a true “resource” for us: a resource full of contacts, key contacts, phone numbers, programs, specials, relationships, an entire catalogue of products, and so much more.

To contact a new supplier, we need to start with customer service, find out who the local rep is, play phone tag, and often I feel I am chasing my tail. However, with Sphere 1 we have one number, one person – it is so easy to deal with a supplier now.

Part of Nu Way’s business plan is building Resource Parks for Construction Related Supply Companies. That is why two of our five locations are on Resource Drive. One street where contractors can buy from a variety of supply houses, that is what Sphere 1 is to Nu Way, one road packed with suppliers to buy from.

 Sphere 1 also helps with keeping all of our salespeople selling a set of suppliers/brands, because those suppliers are in Sphere 1. Without Sphere 1, our salespeople would be going in all directions selling every brand that is out there.

Not to mention, the rebates have helped Nu Way invest in equipment and people to build a stronger and more diverse company.