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August 17, 2023

M.K. Morse Launches RadR Feed Rate Monitor

Morse launches RadR Feed Rate Monitor
Band saw accessory ensures machine is running at optimized speed

CANTON, Ohio – The M. K. Morse Company has released the RadR Feed Rate Monitor, a band saw accessory that measures feed rate to ensure optimal blade performance.

The feed rate monitor uses radar – 200 times more accurate than a draw wire option – to gauge feed rate speeds in real time to allow for immediate adherence to recommended cutting parameters.

With a versatile design that can affix to nearly any band saw on the market, the monitor is completely wireless for easy use with a range of sawing equipment including column, scissor, vertical, and plate machines.

Built tough to last in an industrial environment, the monitor has a reinforced display screen, 6’ drop protection, and is resistant to liquid. With a rechargeable battery that carries 20 hours of life, the monitor can display both Imperial and Metric options on an easy-to-read display screen in both bright and low light.

Pair the RadR Feed Rate Monitor with any Morse band saw blade to guarantee maximized cutting results.

About The M. K. Morse Company
For 60 years, Morse has been manufacturing a wide range of innovative cutting solutions. Whether you need to drill holes, cut metal using power tools, or saw metal in a factory, Morse has the right blade for the job. As a second-generation family-owned business, we take pride in providing solutions for our customers. Our vision is to improve cutting solutions that transform ideas into reality. Available in more than 80 countries, nearly all Morse products are manufactured in Canton, OH, USA. For more information, visit