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February 14, 2021

Fisher’s Tools’ Completes Over 4,800 S1U Courses in 2020!

Fisher’s Tools in 2020 – Top Learners: 

Dale Lane (left) completed 784 courses and Ralph O’Haver (right) completed 681 courses, both landing in the top 5 for individual course completions across all Sphere 1 Members.

At Fisher’s Tools, training is an integral part of everyone’s responsibility.

They have a great team with diverse backgrounds. Many of the them have industry knowledge, but the majority has little-to-no experience and spends minimal time interacting with customers directly.

When focusing on Sphere 1 University training, there was a bit of resistance coming from a few teammates, some of which felt they wouldn’t see the benefits if they weren’t in sales roles.

The realization is that “any” interactions with customers is a sales opportunity.  As it has been said before at Fisher’s Tools, “We can train our teams and risk them leaving for other opportunities, but the far worse scenario is not training them and they stay.” A trained team gives our company an avenue to grow and promote from within.

A large part of Fisher’s Tool’s success with training in 2020 was not driven by internal incentives, but the great opportunity to earn $BlueBucks rewards.

With the help of Sphere 1’s weekly metrics that are available to all employees, not only did this help drive Fisher’s Tools team to complete more courses, but it also consistently recognize their top performers.