General News - Members & Suppliers

January 21, 2022

Conversions = Big Dollars and New Partnerships

Factory Direct has been a Member of Sphere 1 for only three years and over that time has grown like a Rocketship with Sphere 1 Suppliers. This is all due to the leadership of their owner, Tony Sardinia.

Tony understands the value of Sphere 1 and has learned to navigate the Sphere 1 agreements to create opportunities to convert business to Sphere 1 Suppliers;  and that’s exactly what he did with Krylon.

Over the past 6 months, Tony was in conversations with Krylon after he learned about their “Sphere 1 Exclusive” rebate conversion program on a Sphere 1 Webinar.   He was purchasing a substantial amount of marking paint from Seymour, but needed an incentive that would help him make the switch to the new vendor.  Through this program, along with Krylon’s Sphere 1 base rebate and aggressive growth incentive, making the switch was a no-brainer. Thus, a new partnership has been born.

Sphere 1 wants to thank Factory Direct and Krylon for their continued commitment to Sphere 1.  Conversions are the key to the sustainability of Sphere 1, and we are excited to watch this new partnership grow.