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February 21, 2022

Sphere 1 University’s Learner Mike Argue Shines in 2021 with Over 500 Completions!

A Top Learner in 2021 on Sphere 1 University!


Mike Argue, a Showroom Manager for 7 months at Fisher’s Tools, loved training at S1U last year!  He managed to successfully complete over 500 courses.

In his position, he is a great advocate for the sales team to encourage them to sell more products through learning about them on Sphere 1 University.

Question: What do you like the most about training online at Sphere 1 University?

Answer: The ability to learn about the products we offer, which enables my team to be the best at selling.

Question: What training would you like to see offered on S1U that isn’t already available?

Answer: Any training would is good!  I would like to see new power tool introductions sooner so we can be first to market.

Top Performer Mike Argue