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December 19, 2023

Get to Know New Supplier: Binevir



Sphere 1 recently welcomed a new preferred supplier, Binevir LLC (formerly Galen-Panamerica). Binevir is a reputable manufacturing company specializing in producing advanced composite materials for concrete reinforcement in the industrial and civil construction, electric power, and transportation sectors. For those of you in these industries, be sure to check out all the products and benefits that are available to you as a Sphere 1 member with Binevir.

What do they sell?
Binevir is a developer and pioneer of basalt technologies used in concrete and masonry across Europe and the USA. They sell fiberglass rebar, basaltfiber rebar, fiberglass wire mesh, fiberglass rebar grid, garden stakes, dowel bar, and super fiber.

Benefits of working with Binevir and their products:

  1. The use of composite reinforcement, in both basalt and fiberglass gives the engineer more options in managing the challenges of reinforcing concrete in ways that reduce vulnerability to corrosion.
  2.  Composite materials are becoming increasingly favorable in the structural engineering community for their great strength, being lightweight, and corrosion resistance. Because they’re so lightweight, specifically the fiberglass wire mesh, these products create a great sales opportunity in the market because they lessen the physical labor demand on both the distributor and the distributor’s customer.
  3. These products are extremely price-efficient without sacrificing standards of quality. Binevir promises that as the industry changes and they continue to innovate, their rebar from today will be as good as their rebar from yesterday.
  4. They sit on committees for both the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). They’re dedicated to ensuring their products are always up to all codes and construction regulations, and they never falsely advertise use or capability.
  5.  Binevir takes great pride in their company values of being honest, loyal, and fair. They stick to their word and deeply value the relationships they form with customers.

To learn more about Binevir, their line of products, and their program with Sphere 1, visit this page and contact Egor Litvinov: or call at (305)833-7066.